View Full Version : How me and my friends play together?

19th April 2013, 17:58
I have 2 more friends who have the hidden and I want to open a room so we can play on an empty server
The only simple way I know is using tunngle and that didnt work for us, we cant find each other or we have some errors
Can anyone help me open a room for me and my mates? dont mind if its tunngle or something else

19th April 2013, 20:55
What worked for me until I got my own server (you can host a password protected dedicated one) just use the "Create Server" option at the main menu, when the server loads go into console and type in "sv_lan 0" (minus quotation marks), then give your friend the IP and tell him to go into console and type "connect [Your IP]"
(minus quotation marks and brackets).