View Full Version : mouse lagg

7th April 2013, 11:42
Hey, how do i fix my mouse lag. When i moving my mouse its being lagging, and when i holding the mouse still, the game is working perfectly. So please help me.

7th April 2013, 16:47
Can you elaborate a little more on that? Are you sure you aren't just trying to run the game at too high of settings that your computer can't handle?

9th April 2013, 18:56
ok, i starting hidden source and when i trying to move the mouse its being lagging. I dont understand how that is possible, i played hidden source much times earlier. This lag was started after i downloaded "no more room in hell". That isnt my computer foul its a nice gaming computer.

10th April 2013, 00:44
Have you tried reinstalling The Hidden? It may solve your problem. Delete all current Hidden content on your computer, which should just be the two files in the sourcemods folder, then reinstall the game.

11th April 2013, 12:53
yes, I have tried almost everything but nothing help