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4th February 2013, 19:14
Thanks for actually reading this.
Ok, before we begin, I have HL2: Deathmatch, Source SDK 06/07 and the mod itself. I've extracted the mod to the Sourcemods folder as well.
The game still won't appear in my Steam library though.
It may be the fact that I'm using Windows 8, but I'm just pretty sure that I missed something in the installation process.
Hoping to play soon,

4th February 2013, 19:41
Windows 8 has been shown to be very unreliable playing any game at all. I would assume that your OS is the issue, but here are some questions:

Can you run Hidden?

If you cannot, please provide a screenshot of the error.

4th February 2013, 20:35
I can actually run the game.

It just won't actually appear on my Steam library.

5th February 2013, 10:35
Is your Hidden installed here? http://gyazo.com/166695a582afcc91446fbec9ee2aa5fc (Excluding the hard drive of course)

5th February 2013, 15:09
Wait, is there a supposed to be a file called $_OUTDIR?

6th February 2013, 10:35
I don't have that file, and I wouldn't assume so. Try copying the files in your $_OUTDIR file and put them in the same place mine are.

6th February 2013, 15:06
The game has now appeared.
Thanks for the help!

6th February 2013, 15:47
The Hidden's skin is a checkered pattern, although I guess I can just get the patch for that or something...

7th February 2013, 07:48
you could try installing the server.zip file from the downloads section. Extract the hidden folder within to .../path/to/steam/steamapps/sourcemods/

5th March 2013, 17:57
That's the Dedicated Server download. right?

6th March 2013, 07:35