View Full Version : HL.EXE stopped working

24th January 2013, 17:18
As the title states my friends computer cant even start the game without the message showing up ("hl.exe stopped working"). He has uninstalled everything and installed it again and that did not work. Any suggestions? Please help us!!!

25th January 2013, 04:00
Are there multiple/every game involving hl2.exe crashing or just Hidden?

25th January 2013, 18:09
Its only Hidden...

25th January 2013, 19:38
what happens if he launches Steam > Library > Tool > Source SDK Base 2006?

25th January 2013, 22:05
Then he gets Hl.exe stopped working

28th January 2013, 12:11
Then his Source SDK Base 2006 package is broken. Try reinstalling it from scratch.

30th January 2013, 13:50
I have already done that

30th January 2013, 14:23
Hidden:Source runs on the Source SDK Base 2006.
If the Source SDK Base 2006 fails to load, then Hidden:Source will also fail to load, with the same error/crash/etc.

You need to resolve the issue you're having with the Source SDK Base 2006. This is usually done simply by reinstalling. if reinstalling it doesn't work then either you're not uninstalling it properly (share files ftw?) or you might want to try...
Exiting steam
Renaming your .../path/to/Steam/SteamApps folder to SteamApps_Backup
Relaunching steam
Installing ONLY the Source SDK Base 2006

If that install works...
Exit Steam
Copy the contents of the new SteamApps folder into the SteamApps_Backup folder
Delete SteamApps folder
Rename SteamApps_Backup back to SteamApps.

If that stops working again then... what?... umm steampowered support is thatta way...

/points at google.