View Full Version : vstdlib.dll Issue

10th January 2013, 07:59
I've created a server using the whole srcds server with hidden installed, my command line for running the script in target parameters is
"C:\srcds\css\srcds.exe -console -game hidden +map hdn_derelict +ip -port 27015" (Without " ")

Yet whenever I launch the server the command console comes up showing "Console Initialized" followed by a box poping up that says "The procedure entry point Q_vsnprintf could not be located in the dynamic link library vstdlib.dl"

Items downloaded in the "C:\srcds\css" directory is the Css files, HL2 files, Hidden files, bin files and platform files.

What would be the reason for the error?
If you need any other information feel free to let me know and ill put it up