View Full Version : AteaMD Hidden Server Admins?

4th January 2013, 22:41
I'm not sure if this is the correct section for this question, but does anybody know which Clan or Person hosts the AteaMD Hidden Servers (Location seems to be Germany).

Thanks in advance,


Master of Puppets
5th January 2013, 05:45
That would be Sparks, but if it is ban related go to http://sourcebans.lvnhost.info

25th January 2013, 07:59
Thank you. It was not ban related.
I just wanted to make a suggestion for adding a plugin (or what ever server related things exist), because it seems that many Teamkillers are playing on theire severs and there is no possibility to punish/votekick them.

25th January 2013, 09:59
We didn't add a teamkill protection since friendly-fire is part of the core game mechanics and didn't really want to have that dissapear that. If you spot a teamkiller as mentioned before go to http://sourcebans.lvnhost.info.

26th January 2013, 10:59
We don't have an anti-teamkill plugin as it slightly prohibits friendly-fire which is a core game mechanic that we didn't want to dissapear or punish. If you do spot a teamkiller, as mentioned before use http://sourcebans.lvnhost.info.

26th January 2013, 14:24
Hi, someone just sent me this thread. I am no longer active and not sure who is the current admin.

27th January 2013, 10:03
Hi Sparks, Thanks for your answer. Do you know any active member that I could ask?