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28th December 2012, 14:12

I installed The Hidden on a Laptop exactly like I did on my PC before. (First HL2, then the Hidden Client for Windows)
Unfortunately the game wont start. When I Click on the game in Steam, it does nothing.
Can the problem maybe result from Windows 8?
Also when I want to start HL2" it says "Unknown Graphics Card", but I can play HL2 nevertheless.

I hope you can help me,

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23rd January 2013, 23:26
Must not be seeing your files for HL2. I would try installing the Source SDK 2006 as well. I have simply always installed that for my friends without HL2 and it works fine.

25th January 2013, 04:08
Click THISSSSSSSS (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?11464-Cant-launch-the-game&p=156287#post156287) and let me know if after completing these steps if the problem persists.

EDIT: This thread also would have been way more fitting for "Technical Support"

25th January 2013, 07:56

That was the exact problem. We stumbled upon it accidentally while we were trying to join over steam firends. Than Steam started downloading Source SDK 2006.

Thanks for your help!