View Full Version : No online severs

7th November 2012, 20:19
Working around the lack of install links on the website, I got a download and installed hidden. It launches fine, but no severs are listed. I disabled my firewall, I can't figure out what's up. Is this common? Is there something I need to do other then install and disable firewall?

7th November 2012, 20:34
Try to add Favourites by looking at the Server Admins - Contact. Or mine in my signiture.
No reason for it not to work really.

check your filters on the server browser?

7th November 2012, 21:39
When I add to favorites, it just says "No internet games respond to the query"

I got a sever added to the list, but it won't let me join. Then the sever disappeared.

2nd edit, My download was bad.