View Full Version : Need Help installing Mani-Admin

Thomas L
25th October 2012, 17:39
Whenever I try to install it I get a "Unable to load plugin .../hidden/addons/mani_"

I've tried all the verisons I made so many VDF's it's crazy. Does anyone know what the problem is?

25th October 2012, 18:02
mani_" ? Should it not be mani_admin" ? Check your folders.

Thomas L
25th October 2012, 23:31
No, that's what It said. I just didn't type it all out.'

"Unable to load plugin "..hidden/addons/mani_admin_plugin"

26th October 2012, 09:43
Depending on your host, they should help you install this.
But I think you will find most servers use SourceMod for admin features and so on.

When I tried installing Mani, it also failed. So I moved to Sourcemod.

26th October 2012, 12:55
I had mani on my old server, can't remember if i installed that as part of sourcemod or separate though. To be honest you don't need mani, I just had it because I liked its interface and knew the commands from my css days but now I have gotten used to sourcemod and all it's commands I don't feel the need in having mani at all.

Thomas L
26th October 2012, 13:53
Okay, I'll try source mod. Thanks.

Do I need MetaMod with Sourcemod? How would I go about installing them both?

26th October 2012, 14:45
How to install Metamod:Source (http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_Metamod:Source) and how to install SourceMod (http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_SourceMod)

It's fairly straightforward with the .vdf method. You should be able to just drop the addons folders in the archieves into the hidden folder, drop the metamod.vdf into the addons folder and restart the server.

Thomas L
29th October 2012, 02:01
Thank you so much, it worked perfectly.

Do you recommend any other plugins?