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23rd October 2012, 15:59
Whats the easiest way to get a domain for fast download?

23rd October 2012, 18:47
Ask a mate who has massive webhosting in place already?

Or find a proper web hosting co that lets you do what you want. The address doesn't have to be pretty. just less than 127 characters long?

23rd October 2012, 19:20
Did someone mention Web Hosting?

24th October 2012, 15:50
Say if I get a domain name off lets say godaddy.com is that all i need to set up a fast dl? once I have a domain I can go to its ftp with ftpzilla and upload my maps ? is that right or am i missing something?

24th October 2012, 16:00
Do not get a domain from GoDaddy.com - Please

Are you a UK or USA resident?

I can offer you UK Webhosting for a couple quid a month with unlimited bandwidth.
.co.uk domain is about 8 for two years

A domain name points to web hosting so you need both.

Feel free to PM me.

24th October 2012, 16:43
I'm in us and i have free web hosting with Hypernia so all i need is a domain right.

24th October 2012, 16:50
Yes, you just need a domain. You point its name servers towards the hosting if they will let you.

Please buy a Domain from someone like LCN.com 123-reg.com etc.

29th October 2012, 00:52
Ok I got a fastDL server up and running but when I add the sv_downloadurl "http://www.plude220shidden.com/hidden/ to my server.cfg my servers dont work?

Edit: Fixed it was missing a " at the end lol.

29th October 2012, 01:03
1) bzip2 that shit right meow!
2) make sure you've set sv_allowdownload 1
3) put a quote mark on the end :)

29th October 2012, 01:49
Ok bziped the maps.

I added a custom model for a xbox360 but its not DLing when i join how do i get it to DL?

29th October 2012, 06:43
You need to add the file to the download list. Google for Res files or look if there's a plugin that does it automatically.