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22nd October 2012, 07:20
Is there any way to increase the amount of maximum players? Or at least allow more people to spectate at one time.

Also, is it possible to display the currently dead players to the living? Like when your dead you can see KIA, but the living can't see.


22nd October 2012, 12:38
sv_maxplayers in your server.cfg

Yes there is, use yor Report In Radio Command.

22nd October 2012, 19:28
sv_maxplayers in your server.cfg
Are you sure?

sv_maxplayers doesn't recognize as a command. And putting -maxplayers 16 in the startup string will only set the maxplayers to 10.

22nd October 2012, 19:34
The startup line can accept the -maxplayers # where # is 1 to 10. You cannot exceed 10 players in total and you cannot exceed 9 active players. So NOT allow more than 9 players to be connected because they wont just spectate...

There is a 'deathnotice' cvar that should reveal it. find death in server/client console.

24th October 2012, 09:36
Must say I didn't expect you to be setting more than 10 players.