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21st October 2012, 17:10
Hi all, here are some pictures of my map so far HDN_Industrial.

Comments appreciated, currently rotating on one of my servers:

Download - (Alpha Build 11 -15/11/2012):
Click Me! (http://www.linkthemup.com/hiddensourceserver/hidden/maps/hdn_industrial_alphabuild11.bsp)


















21st October 2012, 17:57
Map looks great cant wait to try it out on the server.

22nd October 2012, 17:09
More rooms, more progress. :)


Colonel Mustard
23rd October 2012, 05:22
Someone needs to make an East Berlin map already

25th October 2012, 10:12
Updating this all the time, also getting a little advice from garthbartin (Creator of hdn_shakespeare)

Play these maps on my server!

26th October 2012, 16:25
Another suggestion, it might look nice if you break up the roof a little with girders or supports of some sort, just as a nice detail. Here's a quick mock-up I did.
If you really wanna get fancy with it, it's tons of fun to mess with light blocks and high lightmap resolutions. If you placed a light near some roof girders, and created brushwork using the tools/toolsblocklight texture that perfectly mirrored the girder texture's structure and then set that section of the roof's lightmaps to like 4, you'd get a really cool shadow effect on the roof. But keep in mind that this should be used sparingly and should only involve shadows cast from one or two light sources, anymore and it gets messy and unattractive.

28th October 2012, 16:58
Well yes breaking up the roof would be good,
also lightning props that fit the theme a bit more as those repeating props on a low detailed ceiling won't look good.

Think of trusses or supports pipes some ropes etc.
The lightning looks good and seems solid.

I would also lwoer the incoming rail in the trainstation usually the train cargo is nearly at
0 foot high to the other ground. Rooftops are empty too. You have knida toomuch crates.
Think of what would be the use of this building in real life. What would be on or near this building etc.

The skybox doesn't look good too. Why was this built into a "hole" surrounded by indstrial facilities?

The self made desks are also not that realstic.

Here are some useful tutorials, just scanvange through.


1st November 2012, 06:54
Hi Xufe, thank you for your feedback.

I am going to look into making the ceiling more natural looking by adding some items such as what you suggested.

Regarding the train, I have lowered than now so the carriage is at foot level as it should be.

I will cut down on the crates a little, I am trying to cut down on the open space as its too easy to shoot the Hidden from either sides of the room.

The Skybox, I haven't worked on. Its temp, regarding the building being in a hole; that's simply because I thought it would be too hard to fit it in with a Skybox.
But having said that, I think the Displacement cliff edges look great.

Yes, the self made desks suck. Originally they was props but the model I was using is not in The Hidden. I will make them look better when I can.

Thank you for the link.

I will take this points on board!

2nd November 2012, 12:27
I think the Hidden's spawnpoint needs to be moved slightly further from the IRIS spawnpoint. Currently the Hidden has no choice but to dash away from there as fast as he can.
This causes one of two things:
Good IRIS players sprint forwards and gun the Hidden down shortly after he spawns
Bad IRIS players sit in their spawnpoint by the gate and wait.

2nd November 2012, 14:01
I agree with Amraphen.
The hidden does spawn too close to IRIS and he also has a too easy chance to throw a direct pipe bomb at them as soon as they go in through the gate.

2nd November 2012, 16:03
Yeah i would move hidden spawn to the back of the map ontop of the building or something.

7th November 2012, 18:15
Latest version of my map has been released, alpha10.

Its running on my Mixed map servers and will update the images and download links on the first post.

7th November 2012, 20:03
The architecture of the level is really sound and I expect makes for some really fun games. However:

I feel like these vents don't belong. Especially the one on the outside of the building.

And these particular fence props certainly don't belong

Lighting issues

The texture on the door looks unearthly and bizarre for some reason

This room is horribly empty.

These lights look really unusual.

This chair is kinda out-of-place. Maybe if there were a desk here?

As the Hidden I jumped the fence expecting to find something neat. Instead I died and that made me sad.

7th November 2012, 20:17
Thanks for trying it out.

Point one, Vents:
I agree, they look pants.
But for now,they will have to do. I can not thing of a better way to provide access.

Point two, Fence:
It does look out of place I agree, I will try to replace them with metal bars from the HL2 Prison.

Point three, Lighting issue.
That only happened after my last compile, I don't know how to fix that. Suggestions?

Point four, door texture.
Yup, it looks crap. I will change that. Thanks!

Point five, room empty.
Anything past the doors with the glass roof inbetween I have not worked on. I am currently perfecting the otherside of the map.
Again, I agree.

Point six, light props.
Maybe to futurisic? Will look at what other models I can use.

Point seven, chair out of place.
There was some servers there but they are not in the Hidden Mod (From HL2).
Looking for something to replace them. That whole building has been gutted due to missing props.

Point eight, jumping the fence.
I did have a clip there to stop you jumping it but thought it sucked.
Thought it would be better to have a risk of the Hidden pouncing around spawn to fall to its death. No?

Again, thank you for all your comments. I will work on them to improve my map!

7th November 2012, 20:46
One: What about a breakable window for the outside of the building?

Three: I honestly have no idea. Did you tick "Fast" for vrad when you compiled the map or something? I've never encountered that before and that's only my best guess.

Eight: Maybe if instead of an inviting river and shore it were a threatening and gigantic ravine I wouldn't feel so bad about having died when I went to check it out.

8th November 2012, 09:15
If you know how to make a ravine, I would happily insert a kick ass ravine. :D

No its running Normal, but I will check it.

Breakable window? Maybe a control platform/balcony.. Sounds good.

14th November 2012, 22:32
Found out why the light is doing that, too many effects on one texture. Will sort it.
Also, anything on the Ravine? :P

With the Spectator Cameras, is there a reason it does not load Props on view?

15th November 2012, 04:18
Oi. You're responsible for your own ravine, pal

15th November 2012, 12:38
New version, Alpha 11.

Fixed Lighting
Added Balcony area, removed Exterior Vent
Edited Skybox
Edited Light_Environment
Extending closing doors area and made button take longer to activate again.
Added some desk props, got them working now.

23rd November 2012, 00:25
I think a really easy thing to do with the ravine to make it less tempting to jump into would be to pile up a bunch of junkyard props like destroyed cars and metal shrapnel and then replace the water with a toxic sludge/slime texture.

23rd November 2012, 17:41
map looks better, I would add further ceiling decoration like supports ,mabe trusses and general use for certain buildings

otherwise its ok

23rd March 2013, 12:19
The download link seems to be broken, do you think you could rehost it?

24th March 2013, 13:11
Sorry about that, it seems the directory got moved during a backup. Its all back now.

Thanks for your interest!