View Full Version : Server crashes on start. (Not a noob at servers)

DJ PonyWub
19th October 2012, 01:41
I followed everything posted here:


And it crashes upon startup.

This is my startup .bat

start C:\PonyWubHiddenSourceServer3\srcds.exe -console -game hidden -tickrate 66 -port 27015 -maxplayers 6 +map hdn_decay +hostname "PonyWub's Hidden Source Server" hostport 27015 +rcon_password "G0dmode4" +log on

This is a screenshot of what it looks like when it crashes. I can't read whats in the background unfortunately...


and this is what the server pushes into a log..

L 10/17/2012 - 19:24:34: Log file started (file "logs\L1017000.log") (game "C:\PonyWubHiddenSourceServer3\hidden") (version "4044")
L 10/17/2012 - 19:24:34: Log file closed

I'm at a loss... Am I missing something?..

If you guys need anymore information please let me know thanks!

19th October 2012, 08:04
don't use the default hdn_decay or hdn_origin on a windows server.

have a look around for hdn_decay_fixed or hdn_origin_fixed as they don't have HDR enabled in them so wont insta-crash your windows server.