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16th October 2012, 10:31
Hello everyone =)

I have a problem to make a deticated server for Hidden...

I made everything in this turtorial (http://www.srcds.com/db/engine.php?subaction=showfull&id=1097362093) but on step 3 I had an issue...

I don't got the srcds.exe... =(

Can anyone help me?

16th October 2012, 12:03
if you copy & pasted those instructions directly then srcds.exe will be stored at c:\srcds\srcds.exe

you do, however want to replace "counter strike..." with "episode1"

16th October 2012, 16:29
That works! =) Thank you
I typed "hidden" instead of "episode1"

16th October 2012, 17:35
Another question... Is it dangerus to run the server on my Pc?
And I can't figure out how I can use the admin Plug In (I dowloaded it sooner)

16th October 2012, 17:42
Dangerous: No
Wise: No

The addition of server mods is detailed here (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=metamod+source+install+guide) and here (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=sourcemod+install+guide)

i suggest reading through the guide 2 or 3 times each BEFORE you even touch on the installation itself.

16th October 2012, 18:17
I have kinda more questions...

And some errors in my console (http://www.imagebanana.com/view/4uj83i89/Unbenannt1.jpg)

The thing is I want the server so that just my friends can play on it... but a friend of mine doesn't even see the

server but people from other countries can connect...