View Full Version : How to set up KAC?

12th October 2012, 11:50
Hey guys, I have tried to set up KAC ages ago on my server but always had problems trying to get it working right and kind of gave up. But im interested in getting it working again due to the influx of so many new players etc. Can someone whos set this up on their server help me out with configs and stuff? Would really appreciate it!

12th October 2012, 12:14
Ditch KAC for SMAC (http://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=133).

CCake is running the required and recommended modules only. The wallhack one doesn't work and from my understanding of how it works, would break aura completely if it did.


smac_addcvar mat_fullbright equal ban 0 // Not added by default for some reason.
smac_removecvar cl_particles_show_bbox // Because banning everyone is super funtimes!

...to your server.cfg... or possibly your autoexec.cfg.

I've left it in server.cfg for some reason.

13th October 2012, 03:16
Thanks mate! Will have a look at it.