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9th October 2012, 23:21
A while ago I started an L4D2 map based on The Globe Theater from Lodon. It wasn't too much fun just to play on survival mode so I ported it to CS:GO, but the bots don't work well, so it's no fun there either. In my hunt to find a game it'd be good for, I'll post some screenies of the CS:GO version here. If you guys like it, I will port it to The Hidden for you guys. I feel it would be well suited yet unconventional for this game.
(Ignore the weird black faces in the last screenie, that is an issue I've since fixed)

10th October 2012, 02:45
it actually doesnt look that bad as far as maps for the hidden to jump around on, id like to use it

10th October 2012, 03:29
Fuck yeah.

10th October 2012, 05:01
It needs some cover on the open space outside though. Or else the IRIS will just hug the walls and be done for it.

10th October 2012, 23:15
That settles it, I'll get to work porting. Question is, there's a number of doors, should they stay or go? I guess it all comes to balancing, if the hidden needs a nerf, they should say, if he needs a buff, they should go. The doors are located between the back stage and the audience on the top two stories and at the bottom of each staircase leading to the outside.

Or, if someone could do me a huge ass favor, port it for me? I've started college since finishing this map so I don't have much free time anymore ):.

EDIT: for the time being I'm trying to port the map myself. Unfortunately, every time I try to open it with my hidden configuration in sourcesdk hammer crashes. I removed all CS:GO specific entities in case those were confusing the editor. I can also make a new map just fine under the configuration. Any ideas on what might be going wrong?

EDIT #2:
A couple days ago I tried to bump the thread with screenies of the ported map, but apparently the forum doesn't allow double posts, so here are some screenies of the ported HDN_sakespeare map. If anyone wants to help me test it please message me, and of course leave feedback please. I expect to do some more work on the map before calling it complete.

16th October 2012, 01:07
So I've successfully ported the map to The Hidden (the culprits were some func_physboxes that, for whatever reason, had to be tied to world before porting and then remade after porting. The lighting looks like shit and the texture scheme isn't as good as in CS:GO, but I think it's passable. It's definitely playable. I expect to tweak it a lot so this is not a final release. Hopefully I can get some feedback. The outside grass area is definitely too stacked in favor of The IRIS and I'm trying to think of a way to keep them from going there at all. The inside of The Globe is by far more interesting so I'd rather most of the action happen there. But I still want the outside to be available, especially as a spawn for the IRIS: the spawn on the path and rush into the theater. Without further ado, here's some screenies and the map file:

23rd October 2012, 10:20
Looks great, I like it. Good job!

One suggestion on your last image, the white walls for the stands. Make them lower? Allowing Hidden to leap out of danger.

Happy to help test it and run it on my server.