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8th October 2012, 10:07
Divided into strategies below are the possible hidden maneuvers you can use as a new player, given you practise them a bit you can kill many poor iris.
I will also give you a rundown on the possible gun uses as the iris.

Hidden tips and stratergys____:

before we start here i am going to assume you have looked at the keys and figured out what pounce does. think of it as a new way of walking/running rather than a jumping tool. best way to describe is bunny hop with leap. google bunny hop.

basic tips
DON'T RUN LEAP: running will get you shot, leaping makes you hard to see, hard to follow and harder to shoot.

Running IRIS Crouching Hidden: crouch all the time. reason for this people will shoot over you if they haven't played much and you are harder to hit then standing also less blur on walls

think vertical: dont land on the same level you hit someone on if you can the will be spazzing and shooting team mates for you. think highrises rooftop pop up from below and hit the guy in the corner. instant confusion.

Attack Plans:

The Dice n Dash: pretty simple stuff hit once and run.

The flyby: that dice n dash you just pulled of set you up for this. hit some guys on the way out and laugh as they turn it into a lead bath. also good as a killer move to avoid the hail of bullets that comes at a dead guy.

The Double: simple put run circles around them by leaping. hit once dash away and then back to them and away again. possible to do a triple but much harder as they tend to move

Ghosting: run behind a guy till his buddies see you then bail and lol at the easy kill. requires ff to be enabled

The faux Pass: start out by ghosting but slice them while standing to the side then leap forward PAST them as they turn around and fire wildly then hit em again if they have a shotgun you can get the third provided they don't get backed up by teammates.

the Anti-Camp: bodies are fun, think horror movies where it goes around the corner and bloody chunks come around, pair with taunting to scare people into running, never assault a camper head on. you lose, if they don't take the bait then leave em. you don't want camping idiots to score the hidden position for a pigstick fest do you.

pigstick: you are weak and just ruined a persons experience, go play cod or battlefield (unless they were camping with a shotgun, if they were congrats on gettin close)

slash: everything from a distraction to feeding on corpse candy, may also be handy for killing bipedal beings

nades: for your grouped up guys ( don't waste them on one target hit many and slash a few in the blind frenzy they have. can be used to blind campers for the kill.


Iris tips tricks and general death avoidance:

guns wise think carefully( if you are pro please disregard this section it is intended for those with less skill than bullets)

FN200 assault rifle( shhh i'm hunting hiddens) :
IRIS RUNDOWN: A ranged weapon with scope, accurate with 4 bullets being enough to kill a full health hidden.
HIDDEN RUNDOWN: never run straight at this guy or run straight from him you will end up with a lead milkshake. not a critical target tho

remington 870 ( you forgot to turn your SWAG on bro):
IRIS RUNDOWN:think pigstick but way more unfair, spray a hallway, camp with it, shoot your team mates. nothing here but a mood killer
powerful though if you can deal with the disapproving glances of any experienced player and the constant manipulation by a good hidden.
HIDDEN RUNDOWN: either you favorite tool or the thing you will kill first. everytime. ever.

FN P90 ( better keep a pistol handy):
IRIS RUNDOWN: more is better right medium damage but if you miss you could make a dust cloud that hides the stabby guy. also eats your ammo. like all of it. fast.
HIDDEN RUNDOWN: you like hp right, don't get hit by this or you will lose lots faster than you can jump for a candy bar.

FN Fiveseven ( bullets hurt)
IRIS RUNDOWN: a backup that hurts lots single fire tho spam trigger.
HIDDEN RUNDOWN: you either got there ammo down none in there other gun or they want a challenge.

FNP9 ( i'm so pro)
IRIS RUNDOWN: lots of bullets not so much power essentially a mini machine gun.
HIDDEN RUNDOWN: get hit you will miss the hp you HAD not particularly bad tho

FN303 ( paintball anyone)
IRIS RUNDOWN: for screwing around with and blinding people or you really hate your teammates sight.
HIDDEN RUNDOWN: you see this you kill it nothing else will matter unless you do. blinded in the middle of a group of shotgunners is not fun. will also damage you over time.

Other notes :

game wise never panic. panicking will cause you to misjudge and waste ammo/ teammates should friendly fire be enabled. never group up in groups of 4 or more, you are begging for nades.

As hidden don't rely on invisibility to save you. good players will see you.

camping is unfair and ruins the mood. like one hit kills that belong in "realistic" games

hidden players you cant beat can be cornered with good teamwork if you have a mic use it to spot him while you are ALIVE, doing it while you are dead is called ghosting and is cheating. on the same note try and be polite on the mic we dont need to hear gunnery sergeant hartman inspired swearing sessions or the classic i'm pro talk from people who dont kill all 8 IRIS without pigstick. main point here is act mature.

should you attempt to troll your team mates with guns and/ or trash talk prepare to get unpopular fast.to the point of team kill fests as soon as you spawn.

should you kill someone with a shotgun while camping. congratulate them for being brave enough to attack

practise makes perfect gentlemen and always watch your back.

as mentioned by digit this is purely my own opinion.

8th October 2012, 13:38
A relatively straight forward guide. And good enough for any new guy to use. If i may suggest something, you should put a small disclaimer somewhere that this is purely your own opinion though.

Take your thoughts on the FN303 for example: "for screwing around with and blinding people or you really hate your teammates sight". Now i don't know about you but i surely have no intention of screwing around with that gun simply because i want to blind my teammates instead of killing the hidden. I, along with others, are good enough with that gun to actually kill the hidden straight up or provide valuable support for my team. As in: Blinding the bugger when he's in a group of shotgunners, and not hit anyone in the process increasing my chances of being shot by the shotgunners instead. Get what i'm saying?

Also the whole "kill the player wielding the FN303 a.s.a.p." is something i would not recommend so quickly. It's all relative to the player using the gun, if he's using the FN303 but would sooner hit his teammates walking behind him then hitting me when i'm hidden and i'm right infront of him, i'm not gonna worry so much about that player. But focus more on other players who (may or may not) have other guns then the FN303 but actually know how to use them.

For the rest it's good enough info. I'm sure someone will find some use for it. :)

9th October 2012, 07:48
for noobs to fight noobs. pros are to good to nail down

9th October 2012, 14:24
That's...that's not really what i was trying to say there so i kinda think my point wooshed over your head.

I'm just gonna finalize this post with a little bit of food for your thoughts. If all you plan on doing is fighting noobs because you can't handle more skilled players, how are you planning to improve yourself to the point when you actually CAN handle more skilled players? Because it's a well known fact that by playing against skilled players you ultimately become a skilled player yourself. Because newbies should keep playing against newbies is, at it's core, what you are now suggesting to everyone that reads your posts and i'm gonna stick my neck out here and say that that cannot be your final motive. Right?......right?

Just a little friendly help here.

9th October 2012, 21:56
the point of this is to give those noobs who wish to become better a starting point. we all know that if someone is good you can either rage or try to learn what they do and counter it.

because most of the people you see right now are noobs you must start with them. if you can outrun a noob you can try a better player.

its not about noob vs. noob combat only its about starting the slow process of level up to a better set of skills as both iris and hidden. if you are good people get better to kill you and learn from watching your actions.

in 3 days i have seen over 5 players hidden skills rocket because they watched my actions as the hidden and mimicked them.
at the same time they have been able to better track hiddens because they know what he does. i want better players though the best possible way to get them. all this guide is meant to do is give you the tools to begin the cycle of improvement.

is should be considered a BASIC guide