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4th October 2012, 22:49
ok so i downloaded the hldsupdatetool and have run it and installed in C:\srcds then i ran cmd and used the command to run it. then i went to run it, but what do i type in for -game ""? episode1? and when do i put the hidden files from the hsb4b-full.zip into it. Thanks in advace
edit: also after completing this, will my server be listed on the server list? or will people have to connect using the console connect ip port command?

4th October 2012, 23:18
Is this home-hosted or VPS/Dedicated server hosted? For game, it is "episode1" so, -game "episode1" . I would highly recommend you put it in a different install location by typing -dir "C:\Program Files\Hidden Source\" or whatever you want in the quotes.

Assuming you have the files in the right location, create a .bat file with the following:

srcds.exe -console -game hidden +map hdn_docks -maxplayers 9 -autoupdate +servercfgfile "server.cfg" -port 27030

Place this in the same folder you have the srcds.exe / root Hidden Directory.
You can change these settings according to what you need or want, i.e the map or port.

Make sure to allow the port you choose from your router firewall (assuming your on your home network) and allow srcds.exe through Windows Firewall as well.

4th October 2012, 23:28
it is home-hosted. also, i finished with the hl2 files. do i need to extract the hidden folder into srcds?
oh and will it be listed on the server list or do they need to use the connect command to join?
thanks for the help btw

4th October 2012, 23:34
Move the hidden folder into the root hl2 / episode1 folder.

There is a sticky about servers being on the list. Follow that thread. If you still have issues, then it is most likely your firewall causing the problems.

5th October 2012, 00:25
ok so, i got the server working, i even got it on the server list and everything. buut it now says "your client is not the same version. please restart the game" or something along the lines of that. any known fix? because under the potential fix for servers i tried all the possibilities but the last one. with the two steps 1) ./steam -command update -game "episode1" -dir ../episodeone -verify_all -retry and 2) had something to do with server.cfg
most people said it was working. I get step 2 but i dont get step 1, where do i put it?

5th October 2012, 10:32
If you're having trouble setting up the server initially then there are detailed guide on how to do this at http://www.srcds.com

The command line parameters are the same for both platforms.

initial setup command line:-command update -game "episode1" -dir "Path/To/Folder/You/Want" -verify_all
server start command line: -game hidden -maxplayers 9 +map hdn_docks

so for windows: hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "episode1" -dir "Path/To/Folder/You/Want" -verify_all
then once it's done updating, Path\To\Folder\You\Want\srcds.exe -console -game hidden -maxplayers 9 +map hdn_docks

and for linux: ./steam -command update -game "episode1" -dir "Path/To/Folder/You/Want" -verify_all
then Path/To/Folder/You/Want/srcds_run -game hidden -maxplayers 9 +map hdn_docks