View Full Version : Limiting Grenade Count

4th October 2012, 02:42
I've had my Hidden server up for a while. I customized it to my liking's, i.e. disabling pigstick.

I've looked through nearly all the cvar commands in the console, but I cannot seem to find the one to either limit, or even disable the grenades for the hidden. I've seen people using the command 'hdn_limitbombs 1,' but it doesn't seem to exist when I try and enable it. I'm assuming you need to install a mod/plugin or something. Please let me know how this is done.


4th October 2012, 07:16
It's part of the hotfix available from the main downloads page. Also fixes the alarm not sounding issue.

7th October 2012, 01:30
Many thanks, Paegus.