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2nd October 2012, 22:48
Hello all!

I am the head admin for all the IGNITE | Hidden Source servers.

I am just here to let you all know that I will be reading these forums more often now.

To direct contact me, visit our TeamSpeak 3 at ts.ignite-gaming.com

Post any kind of feedback or suggestions here to help us improve your Hidden experience.


3rd October 2012, 05:46
Thanks for all the servers!

You might want to get some SourceMod Anti-Cheat running on them though. The number of people who exploit things like mat_wireframe is mind boggling.

Also, drop me a PM if you want a decent sv_pure setup to catch people who are replacing the hidden model or textures. I've got a fairly concise pure_server_whitelist and a plugin that picks out specific things to insta-ban. That's also quite mind-boggling.

also moved to Server contact sub-forums

4th October 2012, 15:17
Thanks for the heads up!

I am new to SourceMod and MetaMod so I chose basic plugins for starters, but I will most likely enhance the servers with the SourceMod Anti-Cheat you suggested.

Would sv_pure cause any issues with custom maps or plugins? Or is sv_pure smart enough?

We're glad to be apart of the Hidden Source community!

4th October 2012, 17:23
sv_pure only cares about making sure the files on each side match on connection.
You can ignore maps as the server will automatically kick players when those don't match and plugins are neither here no there.

4th October 2012, 23:12
Sounds good, I enabled SV_PURE and SourceMod Anti-Cheat w/ the various recommended plugins. :D

I hope to see you on our servers sometime!

5th October 2012, 05:40
do you have a pure_server_whitelist.txt file set up?

5th October 2012, 16:26
Whoops, forgot about that xD Where do I get that?

Also, There seems to be strange issues where map and other textures don't load correctly in our server(s), I was told it wasn't just ours though. That's the issue?

EDIT: Yeah, I know now that that was the issue, I looked on the forums and stuff for examples, found the fairly lengthy one. However, Not sure if its working properly.

Is there one that you would prefer?