View Full Version : Error and Crash While Using Command Buildcubemaps

25th September 2012, 17:20
Hello everyone! I am a rather experienced mapper using source sdk and hammer, and I've made both CS:S and DoD:S maps. Although, I am having some trouble with making maps for The Hidden when it comes to the cubemaps. Every time I try and enter the console command buildcubemaps (in order to build my cubemaps so everyone doesn't have that sexy pink tint to them) the map crashes and it sends me back to the desktop with an error titled "Engine Error" with the details of "LoadBSPFile: odd size for lump 56". I have attempted many times to mend this problem, testing it on different simple maps but every time I get the exact same error. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

20th August 2014, 01:28
This is happening to me, too. Can't find a fix anywhere. Anyone know how to deal with this?