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8th September 2012, 07:42
So it's been a while, but Hidden Cow Servers are proud to announce that they will be hosting their second Mapping Contest.

Grand prize will be $15 Steam Certificate.

Popular vote will dictate the winner. The contest will officially start on Sunday September 9th, and all entries will be due by Saturday September 29th by midnight. The servers will be up with the new maps on Sunday September 30th for judges and players to choose their favorites. Voting will commence on the Hidden Cow Forum polls.

Ok you must be asking. "What's the catch?"

The map should something to do with cows. If you can use our decal? Even better. Please check our website for our signature cow. www.hiddencow.org

If you are interested there is no need to express your intent, though it would be nice. Feel free to PM siervua or post in the mapping forum with your intent if you wish.


8th September 2012, 11:47
Good luck to all competitors, I hope it'll be a good contest.
And thumbs up to you guys for offering such a nice prize.

9th September 2012, 23:50
Some questions have been asked in regards to the contest. So in order to make it a little bit easier, there have been some changes.

1) It merely has to reference cows. We would like to have our decal in the map.
2) No, it can not be a work in progress that you have already shown or displayed to the public.

Hope this helps a little! Any more questions I'll be more than happy to clear it up on this forum! :)