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29th July 2011, 12:11
Originally I was planning to finish off some of my older maps: hdn_waterpark and hdn_trials but I ended up starting a new map for hidden. I will finish of my older maps too and release them along this one when its finished. :p

The map takes place in a luxury cruise. It has some custom textures and crazy brushwork. Map is still heavily work in process, but it is mostly ready at the moment.

Time for some luxorious pictures (beta 1):
Generic ship stuff (http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz152/Hemuuuli/hdn_luxury_a30002.jpg?t=1311941097)
I hope that ship's insurence isn't expired (http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz152/Hemuuuli/hdn_luxury_a30001.jpg?t=1311941099)
Goddamn! brushworking is sometimes tedious (http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz152/Hemuuuli/hdn_luxury_a30000.jpg?t=1311941101)

BETA 2 DOWNLOAD (http://www.mediafire.com/?524s5n5dho5xmt6)

(beta 1 download) (http://www.mediafire.com/?g7a9yif499xbg86)

29th July 2011, 13:09
I had a quick run through, I will have a more detailed play with it next week. This map is pretty good, i really like the layout and the mix between closed in, multistory and open areas. As you say the lighting does need a bit of work but once thats right it will look a lot better. However there is a couple of things im not that keen on, firstly the file size, is there any way you can lower this? I dont usually put up any map on my server that is over 20mb, even if its a really great map and I have a http download mirror on my server. If you could optimize the file size it would help make the map more popular. Secondly, im not too keen on the sound the red carpet makes when you walk on it (lol that sounds like a funny complaint) but it sounds like i'm walking on a thin plank of wood, try changing the sound settings in the vtf. Also, it would look nicer if those ramps were actually stairs. But the map has a lot of potential. I will be able to tell you more next week.

29th July 2011, 13:22
bz2 compressed it's 12mb like the download... not 20. If you host uncompressed maps on your web server then :eek:

29th July 2011, 15:01
Even so, i dont like making people download large files (and i do use bz2). Its just a suggestion anyway.

29th July 2011, 15:13
I try to keep the filesize low, but it is always a struggle when you try to keep the map looking good at the same time and have custom content. In the end I can make a seperate version without any custom content if filesize is too large for you to handle.

I also fixed the footsteps already and added some real stairs for staircases. I won't be adding any stairs in the main lobby because it would be impossible to do so without modelling the stairs.

I might run some random playtests with random people at random times, feel free to join if you see hdn_luxury running on random server.

29th July 2011, 15:30
I love to think that upon escaping from Infinitum Research, 617's first item on the list is a cruise round the Caribbean. Classy :D

30th July 2011, 02:30
I had a good go on the map and I like how it's themed, gives me a reason to play it.
The colours and architecture remind me of that old ps1 game RC Revenge so I instantly liked it :D.
I found one place (top story entrance to the guest area from hidden spawn) where the brushes didn't line up, just left of the door.
The way you have designed the layout being so angular (fits the cruise ship theme really well so don't change it :D) I'm surprized I didn't find more misaligned brushes, so well done but that's definitely something to look out for.
with the ship being so destroyed, might be interesting to have it seem like it is/was sinking and have a small amout of water in the lower parts of the engine room, maybe even on an angle to show the ships leaning?
But that's completely up to you, I do like this map and can't wait to see what you do with it.

30th July 2011, 08:25
with the ship being so destroyed, might be interesting to have it seem like it is/was sinking and have a small amout of water in the lower parts of the engine room, maybe even on an angle to show the ships leaning?

I really wanted to try making a sinking ship but some of the more complex brushwork fucked up when I rotated the map and it would be almost impossible to try to create map in around 10-degree angle. Also it would be hard to add water so that it wouldn't make the map very hard for hidden. Finally ~10 degreen rotation gave me a little bit of headache because nothing was straight - it was cool but at the same time I think some people couldn't play the map more than couple of rounds because of the increased motion sickness.

I can upload the rotated version if someone wants to try it out.

31st July 2011, 05:36
it was cool but at the same time I think some people couldn't play the map more than couple of rounds because of the increased motion sickness.

Now that I think of it, I played a map awhile back that was a leaning ship and I did feel sick so good call not doing that.

3rd August 2011, 13:01
Hey, for the last hour I've been playing your map on Ice's server and I thought I might say a few things I found now that I've played it with people.
One is that big piece of floor/ceiling that the hidden can pick up, I managed to take it around the entire map and kill every one with it about three rounds in a row.
I LOVE big physics objects but I'm worried it might be too powerful :(.
Couple of things I can think of changing it are making it lighter (I don't what you to take it out of the map) or locking into the hallways some how.
The problem with it is it's the perfect size to physkill with which makes using it so easy.
2nd problem is the textures and lighting, I found it impossible to see the hidden anywhere in the hallways, it was a combination of detail in the wall textures (which helped the hidden blend FAR to well lol) and the dark lighting, no one ever stayed in the borken area of the hallways but that's the only well lit parts.
And the last one is just a personal thing, my favorite place to stay is on the cat walks of the engine room, but what I noitced while doing is they are so small and cramped that I'm effectively camping up there, Same with the kitchen area.
Opening them up a little bit would help the hidden to attack those areas easier and make them less of a camp spot.
I don't think that will make the map to hard for the hidden cause you did a really good job on the lay-out :).

So yeah main points are opening up the camp spots a bit and incress the lighting, the texture isn't so bad. (more of a vertical stripe texture would help alot but that's up to you)
I don't mind if you want to leave the ceiling piece in :D.

6th August 2011, 08:15

Added Beta 2 download.

- every prop is throwable + more props (that ceiling tile is now lighter, dunno if it still overpowered)
- better lighting (it is brighter and more interesting now)
- better contrast in hallway textures (hidden should be now more visible)
- maintance area catwalks are now easier for hidden to get into (deleted some fences and increased the size of catwalk in 3rd floor.
- added vents over the kitchen area (should prevent camping a little bit)
- lots of new details and props (it looks like proper map now, not just combination of empty hallways)
- added "a view" for viewing area, you can now see outside (not go there)
- added soundscape (I think I won't need to make a custom soundscape, decay's soundscape works quite well)
- DECREASED filesize to 6 megs! (and still most of the custom textures are in)

Thanks for all the playtest feedback, keep it coming!

7th August 2011, 05:34
The big glass tables in the viewing rooms have missing textures (black and purple, under the glass) and so does the mirror in the room with jimmeh.
Other than that, awesome job, haven't played with people yet so I can't say to much but I feel like you may have fixed all the problems I had with it before.
I'll let you know what I think if Ice puts it on his server.

7th August 2011, 08:29
Oops sorry, I will fix the missing textures for the next release. Try to get along with them for this one.