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16th July 2011, 15:21
Hi, im making a new map at the moment cos i have so much free time, iv done about 5/8 of the map so far i reckon. I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the alien movies, which means that all ceiling grates and most walls\floor grates are accessible to hidden, pretty much it means that although the area might feel claustrophobic the hidden can break through and open the area up, or even be stalking you throughout the map without him being visible. All the breakable areas take a few hits to break so the hidden has to set an area up before he can launch an attack because if he doesn't the area will be a lot harder to escape from. Anyway heres a few sshots

Let me know what you think

Last couple of sshots were on low res cos i was in windowed mode, so they look a little shitty but you still get the idea

16th July 2011, 15:39
Obviosly reminds me Aliens.

You should do better shadow work. Like on the second and third screen you could make almost solid black shadows which allows hidden hide there. Great work so far. And if you give access to celling, you should done it darker than you have it now, because of those transparent fence textures - they are making hidden almost visible.

16th July 2011, 15:51
Thanks bud! I appreciate your suggestions but on the second sshot those shadows are meant for atmosphere, not cover, I've deliberately made a lot of walls there that can be used as cover by the hidden. Also i dont want to provide complete invulnerability for the hidden when he goes into the ceiling, that sshot of that corridor is a little old and i've since increased the height of that ceiling and put a bot inside of that area as a hidden and he is fairly hard to see, not impossible but pretty hard which is what im aiming at. On that last screen shot, i've put a block light near the ceiling to make it super dark because its such an open area, in that area the hiddens best cover will be leaping ontop of those vents (which are accessible and lead to other parts of the map) where he is super hard to see.

Colonel Mustard
17th July 2011, 05:01
This looks interesting... No one really puts the new maps on their servers anymore which is a shame since there are a lot of good ones :(

17th July 2011, 05:59
Hey ice, great looking so far. Things that might help is, down the hallway with the boxes, there are ropes, try staggering the slack so they dont all hang at the same hight. and if you hadn't thought of it, remember to set textures that the player will mostly be looking at to a low lightmap scale.
Sharp, upward climbing shadows are freaky! So low upward pointing lights will give a great look on detailed walls and make weird angled shadows over it :D Can't wait to play it.

17th July 2011, 06:05
Thanks, yeah good idea with staggering the height of the ropes, i will do that. Yeah i'm definitely going to do some freaky shadow work later on. But thats going to be one of the last things i do because using low light maps increases the size of the file really quickly

20th July 2011, 03:55
cant wait to get jumping around on this :D

21st July 2011, 21:03
I have also made prototype map with similiar design. Never publicly released it, but played with friends. I could give you some hints not to fall into same mistakes as I did:

- Low ceilings are hard for hidden, players tend to avoid them
- Use vision blocks (smoke, fire etc.) on long corridors
- You can make large areas seem like more claustrophobic with careful light placement (easier for hidden to move + still feels like space ship)
- Have large openings for vents in ceilings so it is easier/faster to get in to them
- Use marine block on vents
- Minimalize all the campings spots = no dead ends (also gives better flow for the map)
- Use unique visuals/color coding to help players indentify similiar looking corridors from each other

You should do a beta release asap when the overall layout is ready so people can playtest the map and give feedback. It is also important to spectate how players play the map so try to arrange some beta tests. When I make new maps I usually just create new server, invite friend or two and wait for random people to join the fun.

I'd be happy to playtest the map (might also be able to invite more people) and give you some feedback, hit me with PM if you are interested in.

22nd July 2011, 03:49
Thanks for your pointers Onikage, I actually finished the alpha last night and got to play it with some people on my server. It was actually great fun, with a couple of tweaks i think it will be an excellent map. What I have done in the map is this

-All ceilings grates along the corridors are breakable into sections, so although the ceiling does start off somewhat low, a good hidden can break away the ceiling before the attack, this turned out pretty well in the play test.
-Generally all the grates in the map are easy to enter and have marine clips
-Done some good lighting in areas to create contrasting light and dark areas to make the map feel cool and also give contrast to the hiddens shader
-There aren't really any dead ends in the map, everywhere leads somewhere.
-The two main corridors are unique :P

The main problem with the map was people tended to camp in the lab a bit, probably because its the most closed in room and is the brightest, but it wasnt 100% camp fest, people still moved around.

What I plan on changing for my next alpha is this
-More easily identifiable vents in some areas
-More ceiling vents in the lab area to make it easier for hidden to escape
-Remove dark ceiling in main room, place dark ceiling in corridors and in lab
-Reduce lighting in lab
-Remove a couple of props in lab

I think after these changes it should create more even game play, even though the good players on my server were still able to rape as hidden.

If you're interested in testing the next alpha add me on steam friends - alex_leem@hotmail.com keep in mind im aussie though, so if you live on the other side of the world or something i could just email you the bsp

22nd July 2011, 15:14
Great to hear you have the basics ready and have avoided possible problems. I added you to my friends list (Hemuuuli / SJ). I look foward seeing the map in action.

About bright areas I have a lot of experience from hdn_kindergarten. People really love to camp in the gym because it is bright and open - eventhough it is far from being the safest camping spot in the map. I think the best solution is to have 2-3 "comfortable" areas and some routes between them for marines to move, similiar to stalkyard.

23rd July 2011, 02:27
I like the map but there's a problem, where's the props? I want barrels, pallets, and various other things in every single place you can cram them.

23rd July 2011, 16:39
I like the map but there's a problem, where's the props? I want barrels, pallets, and various other things in every single place you can cram them.

There was a good amount of props when I tried it?
Maybe a few extra props wouldn't hurt but the layout of the map doesn't really favor physkillskillers - everything is so cramped. It could use more small props, maybe little panels or screena that you can rip off the walls or something that doesn't block the corridors.

I think the aspects that need more work are layout (now it might get a little too crowded in full server) and overall visuals. Try to look up some reference pictures for corridors, your map doesn't have "the aliens atmoshere". Try diffirent colored lights, recolor props, study the architecture. Right now your map just looks bland and has too much repeativeness in it. This has atmosphere! (http://images.mocpages.com/user_images/2682/1194375137_SPLASH.jpg) and this! (http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kq4ltn6kpf1qztba6o1_r1_500.jpg)

For the layout I would suggest a lower floor. It would be fun for hidden to quickly swap between floors in vents.

Oh and the elevator is just AWESOME and map has overall a lot of potential to be one of the best custom maps. Keep up the good work.

24th July 2011, 08:57
The main area is pretty good for phys killing and those propane tanks in the corridors are quite deadly. I think the layout at the moment is okay, i have played the map with a full server and its pretty good. Maybe some slight adjustments would be good though. Yeah i agree with you for the looks, it does need some work, its too bad i suck at making textures, but i watched aliens again last night and i have got a few ideas that i will implement. I'm going to leave the current version on my server, and the updated version will come out in time and i will release it on this forum. Thanks for the pointers Onikage!

Colonel Mustard
25th July 2011, 10:31
I like the map but there's a problem, where's the props? I want barrels, pallets, and various other things in every single place you can cram them.

lol wuped :D you make me giggle