View Full Version : NEED HELP!!!(Dont know how to run The Game)

20th June 2011, 15:18
Hi, Im Lucas, from Argentina, and I need some help...
I just downloaded the game, but I cant run it, I downloaded everything, and I still cant run it.
I tried to run it with steam, I tried all I knew could work...
So I would be greatful if you helped me



PS: Sorry if theres anything that you cant understand, Im not used to write in english.

20th June 2011, 15:25
Where are all those newcomers coming from?
Well, did you restart steam? It need to be restarted after installing the game files.
Do you own a payed game which runs on the source engine?

Any error messages?
What are your exact steps which lead to failure?
System specs? Strange antivirus and/or firewalls?

26th April 2012, 02:38
Calling the problem right now is that you don't have a hl2 based game installed.