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29th September 2010, 23:29
Hey guys,

I decided to play some hidden again the other day after a long (maybe 2 or 3 years?) break from it, and where did all the community go? it makes me sad that 80% of the people aren't here anymore. the mod was so much fun but now the experience only provides me mild nostalgia of what it used to be!

Anyway, i think a lot of people gave up hope on the update and i know we have been informed it is being steadily worked on, and i look forward to the release, I know you guys (well, i'll say ging because i assume since i haven't seen any other devs posting, hes the main/only one working on it now) have probably been working as hard as time allows, and generally say that it will be released when its done, but i was asked by a few friends i used to play it with "when is it being released?". like i know? so i was thinking about it and i figured it would be massively informative and exciting for the community if there was some kind of "percentage done" bar for the next update, that way its not really a release date, more just for people to get a general idea and excited about it being released after so long, and hopefully spark the interest of the community again, because i think i speak for all the old players when i say there was nothing more fun than a constant stream of new players to make you feel like you were good at the game!

apart from that, just popping in to say hi, and i hope the development is going well.


30th September 2010, 02:32
The answer the community of this game has always got from ging is basically it will be done when it's done and stop asking.

30th September 2010, 05:19
2 weeks, be sure...

30th September 2010, 09:11
I am still playing every now and then. Like all of us I am waiting for any status update from Ging, especially a new B5 build to test.
A status bar would be cool, but I am afraid it would scare more people away...