View Full Version : func_rotating and StopAtStartPos = crash

24th July 2010, 01:04
I've tried several times, in several different maps, including making a map solely to test with... take any func_rotating entity and fire a StopAtStartPos at it. It's meant to stop the entity from rotating once it reaches its starting position again. Once it reaches its start position though, it crashes the server every time.

The only thing I haven't done is try it in other source games. Anyone know if this is a Hidden issue or a problem with StopAtStartPos in general?

Bonus question: func_rotating's that begin stopped and are turned on during a game are not stopped/reset upon a new round starting. Wondering if I'm just doing something wrong? I tried having a logic_auto fire 'stop' to the entity OnMapSpawn, but it stops at an arbitrary position (hence my discovery of the problem with StopAtStartPos)

24th July 2010, 15:26
On the bonus question:
Try with a OnrMultiNewRound instead. That works for me with the same problem. :)

Your other question i have no idea about.

25th July 2010, 05:31
I changed my design to work around the func_rotating problem, but here's a totally separate test map (.vmf and .bsp) that shows the issue. Press the green button to start the floating box rotating, press the red button to fire StopAtStartPos. It should crash. If it doesn't, let me know!!


EDIT: To Dottarn, OnMapSpawn started working for me all of a sudden. :) I have the opposite issue as you now... OnMapSpawn works perfectly for all intents and purposes, but I can't get OnMultiNewRound to fire. I have a logic_auto in the test map above, set to display separate game_text's on each event... Only OnMapSpawn is showing. I wonder if that particular issue is related to the Sourcemod round end issue... Sourcemod's mapchooser plugin looks for the round_end event, while Hidden uses game_round_end (or something like that). I wonder if OnMultiNewRound is hardcoded to look for round_end too.

27th July 2010, 18:00
I tried you map and it crashes for me aswell. Gonna try and make my own spinning box with StopAtStartPos. Will be posting later again.

28th July 2010, 22:47
I can not make the StopAtStartPos work in Hidden.

I tried to make the same in CS:S and it worked like a charm.
Dont think that Hidden supports this right now.