View Full Version : Problem Compiling A Map

22nd February 2010, 13:17
So i finished the part of the map i started with, for example, a kinda medium sized kitchen, i added INFO_SPECTATOR INFO_MARINE SPAWNS and A SPAWN for the hidden =) Along with a couple of aditional elements such as lights.

After saving the file, i started to compile it All VIS VRAD and BSP were set to normal on the compile window =)

It took a few seconds to do it. I started up the game, and the map loaded, its just that only 5 objects were there, all the other tables, mini-tables, cabinets, boxes, etc were gone.

I made sure i added a skybox, am i missing anything here? Why only 3 or 4 random objects are showing up? all the other stuff is just like evaporated o.O the walls and the ceiling are all there, and the poster of jimmeh, along with 3 fridges, but all the other stuff, WOSH! no where to be found :/ plus the map size is only 185 kb when its suposed to be much more than that with a kitchen as big as that one.

Anyone knows how to fix this particular thing?

Thank You All For Your Time =)