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22nd February 2010, 13:16
So i finished the part of the map i started with, for example, a kinda medium sized kitchen, i added INFO_SPECTATOR INFO_MARINE SPAWNS and A SPAWN for the hidden =) Along with a couple of aditional elements such as lights.

After saving the file, i started to compile it All VIS VRAD and BSP were set to normal on the compile window =)

It took a few seconds to do it. I started up the game, and the map loaded, its just that only 5 objects were there, all the other tables, mini-tables, cabinets, boxes, etc were gone.

I made sure i added a skybox, am i missing anything here? Why only 3 or 4 random objects are showing up? all the other stuff is just like evaporated o.O the walls and the ceiling are all there, and the poster of jimmeh, along with 3 fridges, but all the other stuff, WOSH! no where to be found :/ plus the map size is only 185 kb when its suposed to be much more than that with a kitchen as big as that one.

Anyone knows how to fix this particular thing?

Thank You All For Your Time =)

22nd February 2010, 13:24
Some objects won't properly transfer between hl2 and its mods, i'm not sure why, but its the same story with css.

Either that, or you are using the wrong kind of entity. Make sure you arn't using prop_physics, prop_static or prop_dynamic on props which arn't of that type.

Also send your compile log.

Another thing you could do is tell us which objects wont show up in game and then we can try compiling a map ourselves with those objects. That way we will know if it simply isnt working for hidden.

A thing you can do if you really want those models in your map is to use something like gcfscape to grab the model and material for that prop from the half life 2 gcf and then use a bsp-zip tool to put it into your map, but this would obviously increase your filesize a lot.

22nd February 2010, 16:36
Ok so the props that dont show up are a couple of cardboxes that are prop_physics, lots and lots of steel sorta looking kitchen tables wich are prop_static, and square shaped steel sorta lookin kitchen tables wich are prop_static as well, and of course some blue shelfs that are also prop_static, except one of the shelfs shows up that one is prop_physics, maybe itl work once i change them all to physics, since these objects are common in most hidden maps and SHOULD appear =) Il try that =) il send over mah logfile =)

22nd February 2010, 16:49
Post your map file too, can't hurt. :)