View Full Version : Canot Find HL2.exe HELP NEEDED =)

17th February 2010, 17:54
Hey guys, so i went to locate the exe in my Half life 2 folder and theres none in there, i Have CSS:S and Half Life 2 DMatch only though.... That is why i canot decide wether to pick the exe in the Counter Strike Folder or The Exe In The Source SDK Base Folder :/

Wich HL2 exe should i pick? Or Are they pretty much the same?

Also My VIS RADS AND BSPS arent located in the Source SDK bin, theyre located in the Source SDK bin, then episode one, then the bin, then there they are, should i still choose those? =)

Thank You =)

18th February 2010, 15:04
they're where they should be.

since you're not supposed to be using the Orange Box binaries i'd stay away from them. EP1 is not on OB.

as for HL2.exe... follow the guides to launch using steam.exe -applaunch(?) instead of hl2.exe and it will use the Source SDK Base's one as it should.

22nd February 2010, 13:11
Yeah thanks =) I selected the HL2 exe contained in the Source SDK and it worked =)