View Full Version : Stats stop working again.

20th November 2009, 01:13
Ok,guys,we all know about stats dosent working about 1.5 week. Yeah-yeah,stop stat-whoring and bla bla bla,but stats was good. Bring stats back!

20th November 2009, 14:28
Nah, let the stats die peacefully!

Leave it alone, its almost over(sssshhhh, close your eyes, everythings gonna be alright)!

21st November 2009, 12:22
stop yer whining :P its back up. Sorry bout that I migrated servers the other day and forgot to restart the listener.

4th December 2009, 09:56
doesn't seem to be up atm...

17th December 2009, 02:52
yeah no one likes stats-whoring and that stuff... but after all they were quite useful ;)

just wondered if it depends on the money.. because i bet there will be some people here (including me) who would donate to keep them running.

the other option would be, that we could offer to host the stats on our new rootserver/webspace combo (only if you want to of course)

17th December 2009, 04:02
Yes, please bring back stats. It really helps with admining too since you can look at the last five name changes and their tk record.

26th December 2009, 18:39
sorry fellas, have PMd ging to ask him to make the change to fix the problem. Should be sorted soon.


29th December 2009, 00:25
I just got back from doing christmas family stuff - made the changes for chilly so stats should be sorted in fairly short order.

9th January 2010, 04:54
so... any news about them ? ;)

12th January 2010, 18:12
If you'd like to setup the stats.hidden-source.com to redirect to a specific [o-t] site for stats we'd be willing to host the website if you host the database somewhere we can pull the data from.


13th January 2010, 02:42
Ehhhhhhh... I'm not sure they would do that.

But hey, it's not really my say.

Also... why do hidden-stats go down? I'm confulzzled