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12th August 2009, 15:41
I was wondering if I could get permission to recompile both these maps without HDR so windows servers can run it. ;) (I know a PM whould do it, but I want suggestions as well.)

Of course I'd rename them to like, hdn_decay_w (Windows) or hdn_decay_nohdr. And I'd fix a few minor things like the radio on decay.

If I get permission, list things you think need to be fixed on either map.

12th August 2009, 16:35
I started that at one point, but Ging didn't go for it:

I've started redoing the lighting without HDR, but it's slow going and I haven't touched it in a while. Plus there's the issue of decompiling, modifying and rereleasing someone elses map. :P

Yeah, don't do that.


12th August 2009, 18:25
We prefer for people not to decompile and re-release our maps, it just causes confusion about what's official and I don't want to have to start fielding emails about the "stolen" copy of origin that's floating about.

We appreciate the problem with those 2 maps and at some point, Boxy will hopefully get around to fixing them - but ultimately, he's the guy you want to pester about making it happen.

12th August 2009, 18:27

12th August 2009, 22:57
I got Boxy to send me the vmf files earlier on, so I'll see what I can do about fixing the hdr issues asap.

13th August 2009, 09:45
isn't there a simple compile option to ignore hdr or is that what happened with the current versions?

13th August 2009, 10:02
to get HDR to work, you need to compile the map twice, once without the HDR option ticked and once with - I think that these 2 got compiled twice, so I've just loaded them up in hammer and compiled them without the hdr box ticked.

I gave them a go on a windows srcds (console, not gui) and they seem ok, server didn't crash and I was able to join along with a bot and run around for a bit.

13th August 2009, 12:59
so i suppose the question now becomes: how will they be released?

-as is and let end-players deal with consistency errors themselves?
-as _whatever so they don't conflict with existing versions. then try and remember to phase them out next release.*
-hold them back until the next release.*


13th August 2009, 13:52
The issue of getting them out there has indeed crossed my mind, while it'd be nice to save them for the next release (as that's the easiest way of making sure the majority of the player base gets them), it's possibly best to get them out now-ish.

It's this sort of situation where being on steam would be great, as we could just slip them out like ninjas and not have to worry about it! I'm slightly loathe to add a post-fix to their filenames though it might be the only course of action to take!

13th August 2009, 14:56
well to be fair, if you don't release them now-ish then there was no point de-HDRing them in the 1st place since presumably B5 will come with HDR firmly stapled to its eye lids.

re steam: yeah... but then this would have fixed ages ago :)

13th August 2009, 15:09
The lighting is rather bland if you just turn off HDR and compile though; the whole map needs its lighting redone to look similar to how it does now, under normal lighting.

13th August 2009, 15:33
I'm pretty sure that no extra thought was put into lighting for HDR - I certainly didn't notice any major differences when I was checking them last night.

A decompiled bsp does really, really weird things in terms of lighting and brush layout (part of the reason stalkyard got completely remade at one point).

13th August 2009, 16:30
A decompiled bsp does really, really weird things in terms of lighting and brush layout (part of the reason stalkyard got completely remade at one point).

That might be it then. :D

13th August 2009, 16:43
it's easy enough to see the results. make a map with decent amounts of geometry, light it accordingly, compile it, decompile it, open both in hammer and chuckle.

OffT: how is boxy doing these days? buried in paying work last i recall...

13th August 2009, 18:39
Boxy, NiceGuyEddie and John are all working at Frontier on the Outsider, so they're finally getting paid for making pretty looking things.

13th August 2009, 19:48
@Ging: the double compile thingy manually isn't necessary
go to the compile panel
-> Advanced
-> HDR Full compile -final (!slow) preset
and the lightning is compiled twice automatically (vrad or whichever process does this is run with the -both parameter.