View Full Version : So, a download link

8th July 2009, 20:05
I decided to start playing this game again, but the download links on the download page don't seem to work. Any help anybody?

8th July 2009, 20:11
Try a MIRROR (http://www.steamfriends.com/forums/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=26) next time! :)

8th July 2009, 21:35
which link did you try?

9th July 2009, 21:24
Well, I managed to download it through file front, although the link is half-dead.
Any way, do not know if you plan to release another version, but if yes, than please fix the weird invisible roof in the train yard map(above the train section).

9th July 2009, 21:26
The roof is invisible because... there is no roof... :rolleyes:

e.X.S | мя.حغغ
9th July 2009, 22:03
i download with full bandwight on this link from www.hlportal.de