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6th July 2009, 00:06
My 20" WS LCD decided to take a shit on me. On a pos 17" LCD. Tried to use a resolution this LCD obviously doesn't support and now I can't make it go back to a default res..

Any way around this? When I start up hidden it shows a black screen, I can hear the menu sounds the mouse makes when it hovers over the options. Also hear the music.


6th July 2009, 00:48
SCRATCH ALL OF THIS! Apparently it doesn't work. :(

Go into STEAM, right click Hidden: Source Beta b4, and click on create desktop shortcut. Go to the shortcut and right click it, hit the compatibility tab, under display settings check the box that says "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution". Hit Apply and OK.

Run hidden though that shortcut and change the resolution in game and then delete that desktop shortcut, unless you want it.

6th July 2009, 04:42
Right click Hidden in the steam Games window, click "Launch Properties" then add this to the line:

Hit okay and load hidden up.