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9th April 2009, 11:59
Hey all,

I have just started up a public server for Hidden:Source in New Zealand that will be open to everyone with a ping lower than 200. I will be adding some custom as well as no overrun maps and plugins to make it a bit more fun and open where the game arena servers are great but are lacking active admins and friendly fire protection.

Plugins the server will have:

No Pigstick
Mirror Friendly Fire
Spectator Trail

Thanks to the makers of the plugins!

If anyone has suggestions on any plugins or maps, let me know as i want the server to be fun for the public and am trying to get the community more active since it's kind of dead at the moment.

Server IP:
The server has not got a set IP at the moment but it won't be too far from getting it.


9th April 2009, 12:42
until you get a static IP you can maybe use a service like dyndns

9th April 2009, 13:49
and i can't imagine that the bandwidth throughput for a home(?) based server in NZ would be particularly ping friendly in the first place

9th April 2009, 14:44
Stop destroying his dreams guys... :(

12th April 2009, 00:22
Destroying other people's dreams helps us forget our own dreams of Beta 5.

28th April 2009, 00:15
At this current time the server is up every day but the IP will be changing until i can get that static IP yes. I am not sure of the bandwidth so far but I'm sure it will end up going through the roof if the server gets popular but the server is running on his own connection so i can't see it using up 40gb of bandwidth anytime soon.