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4th April 2009, 22:43
Hi guys :D
took me awhile to make this map, i really sujjest checkin it out :O
tell me what you think, what i should add, maybe even if you think its good enough, you could post it on your servers :D
maps called hdn_mansion, and i know there is another map that is a mansion type, but i did not know that till mid-ways through of my map :O

here it is: http://fileuploadedout.filefront.com/1239060154-c379248492d604aa96d587caa8044a86//
link has changed and can now be downloaded as many times.
i will try to post pictures later :D

P.S. this is only beta, so there is not many physical props that can be thrown at people.


5th April 2009, 07:48
title fade gets covered by character & weapon screen.
massively open areas aren't that great without functional cover.
outer perimeter is too close to the mansion itself.
the house itself is WAY too big
most of the stairs lack clip brushes

it needs...
...to feel more claustrophobic. it's just too over-proportioned to the point of being cartoony.
...to be less square, aligned, symetrical, etc. a common problem with 1st maps.
...more props.

i know it's not entirely fair but take a look at decay for examples. otherwise it's still a pretty good 1st map.

try filefront for an online host that doesn't have any queues etc...

5th April 2009, 21:32
good constructive critism.
i will keep this in mind and make some changes.
the reason for why its such an open area is because i ussually play in a lot of close in areas, sure its scarier, but its harder for the hidden to get away.
besides that, i will listen to what you said and do something about it :D

6th April 2009, 00:28
You can upload it to Filefront and not have to worry about download limits.

6th April 2009, 11:11
try filefront for an online host that doesn't have any queues etc...


6th April 2009, 20:12
It's almost as if there's an echo....

9th April 2009, 03:04
Can you post some screenshots please? :)