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3rd April 2009, 14:01
These four guys came in and were intentionally team killing and intentionally getting themselves all banned. All 4 banned for intentional TKing, full damage, within 3 minutes of each other. Feel free to make their wishes of being banned a reality.

Killed two guys at the start of a round for full damage:

http://forums.oldtimersclan.com/scuztools_playerlog.php?steam_id=STEAM_0:1:1622280 8

One of which was apparently someone in his own house, because the system banned him instantly as an additional account:

http://forums.oldtimersclan.com/scuztools_playerlog.php?steam_id=STEAM_0:0:1727927 6

Then someone else at the same time decided to start killing:

http://forums.oldtimersclan.com/scuztools_playerlog.php?steam_id=STEAM_0:1:1614674 8

Last but not least, a minute later, this guy did the same thing:

http://forums.oldtimersclan.com/scuztools_playerlog.php?steam_id=STEAM_0:1:1962722 6