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12th March 2009, 17:50
Hello! I'm going to keep this brief becuase I'm not too well at the moment.

I used to host a server a while back, I shut it down for reasons I can't remember but today I decided to bring it back up, had a urge to play Hidden and started to wonder why I don't own a Hidden server anymore.

I have one problem, however. My old server, I remember having a plugin that added extra sounds that were included in Hidden: Source, but unused. I am aware that there are some SourceMod plugins that achieve similar results, but these are not the ones I recall, I think.

These ones had all the functions of the plugins available through SourceMod, such as calling for help when attacked and shouting at FF, but I also remember things like; "Got him! He's stunned!" when he was hit with the Less Lethal.

I am relitively sure that this was an eventscript, but I can't seem to even find any proof of it existance, let alone a download. I was wondering if anyone can confirm that it does exist and perhaps give me a point in the right direction if it is still available.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Actually after sifting through some of Paegus' posts, I'm not quite so sure as to my claim that it was not a sourcemod plugin.
Infact, I'm starting to believe that what I am thinking of was by Paegus himself. =/
Still, if anyone can clear up my confusion as to this matter; it would be most appreciated.

12th March 2009, 18:08
Phaedrus did have an eventscript that did a lot of that. I also made some sourcemod scripts to do the same.

i've dropped support for the 303-stun call though. it's supposed to be a round-end sound that plays when the hidden 'dies' from the 303.

13th March 2009, 10:51
Ah right, fair enough. Thanks for the reference to the old one too. It was killing me not knowing. I'm using your SourceMod scripts now, but I can't help but get the feeling that there's something else missing, is there anything else you dropped from your sourcemod versions?

I seem to remember the rage alert sounds such as; "Holy sh*t, did you hear that?" I think it triggered when he pigstuck someone nearby.
Also another one was if he hadn't been damaged in a while when someone got a shot at him they'd say "He's hurt!" or "Got him!" or something. Can't fully remember.

I'm actually thinking that I'll use the rage sounds myself because I enjoy having Pigstick turn on once the hidden is near dead, I can have one of those sounds trigger randomly then. Still, I'm just trying to remember everything this script did. Regardless it's not available anymore, Phaedrus removed all his Hidden related Eventscripts for some reason.

Thanks for the help though. xD