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12th March 2009, 14:01
Dr.Schutz STEAM_0:0:19131426 ->

Sgt.YARRRR! STEAM_0:0:5036023 ->

bio tried to record dr. schutz but he timed out the last time...
so i recorded him now...
im not realy sure about this guy...
hes tracking the hidden pretty hard...

the same with sgt. yarrrr...
when i connected to fc he had an score about 24:2 or sth...
its realy unbelievable to get a score like this on a full server...

but the prob is that i dont realy know these guys...

i wont ban them on fc... but i ll tell u that u have to watch out for them...

demo link ->

12th March 2009, 18:08
considering the stats, i would say dr.schutz is a cheater but sgt.yarrr aint one of them!

if someone is playing with one of them on a server, demo them, so ill get the proof i need!

12th March 2009, 20:33

played with him but due to the lag and the fact that he camped its not that clear . i had some better footage but the damn hidden spec crashed me like 3 times!

We will collect moar!

12th March 2009, 21:57
afaik hidden spectator doesn't track in demos

13th March 2009, 10:46
afaik hidden spectator doesn't track in demos

the main problem was to switch to his view when he was iris, when i switched with the mouse wheel through the different pov´s i always got stuck on the hidden spec(even though i didnt wanted to use it) and then the game crashed!

13th March 2009, 17:15
:/ does it still do that or was this a while ago?

13th March 2009, 20:11
yesterday :(