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10th March 2009, 11:27
I don't know whether to put this in server admins or funniest moments...

Joined Free Cookies earlier with the name IRIS Recriut (yes, i know, intentional smelling mistake) with some others, someone else also had the name IRIS Recruit.

Started playing as IRIS with Pwninski as hidden, I hunted him down and when he died (not by me); ""Pwninski: Fucking auto-targetting NPC's"". Now he'd said this a few times previously, but when round restarted he teamkilled both IRIS Recruits to get his revenge, thinking they were bots with hardcore AI still.

Later, after being told by a admin that he'd teamkilled human players, he still thought that they were bots and when the admin left he teamkilled another player and left...

1st demo isn't so important, 2nd is where he thought they were bots and teamkilled them, 3rd is admin talking to him then teamkilling and leaving...

>>Demo<< (http://files.filefront.com/IRIS+Recruit+10+03+2009rar/;13441721;/fileinfo.html) - 3.85 MB's
>>Stats<< (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:1:6000745)

10th March 2009, 12:29
awwww , next time leave the server and rejoin as bot01 :D

10th March 2009, 19:34
ahh glad to hear funny news in these times

12th March 2009, 10:14
got banned on fc...

13th March 2009, 12:13
fncking auto-targeting npcs!
Permed from CC :)

13th March 2009, 16:00
I hope i dont have to say that whenever shorty or prince thinks that a guy deserves a ban i automatically ban him on prielwurm too:)