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Master of Puppets
11th February 2009, 18:15
Was on Jimmeh today. Copras was teaching him how to phys then he stayed and played some. Shorty noticed that he has some dodgy spotting skills so i asked Bio to watch and demo him and he confirmed. Tho we arent sure if he hacks or is just natural. His stats (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:0:11347820) say hes pretty new so we decided to post the demo (http://files.filefront.com/hdndocks+11rar/;13264930;/fileinfo.html) Bio made so you guys can check him out and decide with your help.

11th February 2009, 18:17
Asking for a screenshot of the Hidden can help in these situations.
Make sure you have a good backround to see the refraction in front of some lines.

Master of Puppets
11th February 2009, 18:24
Bio asked how he sees the hidden and he replied that he sees him as a blur.

11th February 2009, 20:17
I'm not sure if he cheats or not still, tested him on physics arena, where hidden is really hard to see and he tracked him abit, but didnt shoot...

<<Demo>> (http://files.filefront.com/hdnphysarenarar/;13265875;/fileinfo.html)

Moslty at start, then he resorts to camping in corner with shotgun and then rage quitting.

Mat fullbright maybe?

11th February 2009, 21:39
Bio asked how he sees the hidden and he replied that he sees him as a blur.
Anyone could reply that. Ask for a screen when you are Hidden and standing infront of him. Tell him to make an account here on the forums and post it or pm you.
Now I'll watch those demos.

11th February 2009, 21:54
I checked the first demo, did not see anything suspicous.
If he is cheating in some way he is hiding it perfectly, imo. I have met people with similar skills without having played Hidden for years. Some guys are just naturals.

11th February 2009, 22:09
played with him this evening... didnt notice anything suspicious either...
hes quite a good spotter, but also a good hidden (pallet smash included (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:0:11347820))

i think hes just skilled or learns rather quickly.... but thats just, what i have seen so far

edit: could also be possible, that this is just his secondary account or something like that ^^

Master of Puppets
11th February 2009, 22:21
Yes can be. I just wanted to make sure.