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28th January 2009, 23:23
Just got him on CC. Tracking 100% Hidden 10%.
->Dem (http://files.filefront.com/oulalaBHSzip/;13126125;/fileinfo.html)o<-
->Stats (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:1:19363626)<-

29th January 2009, 10:07
Banned permanently from prielwurmj&#228;ger.

Also you see in the .dem that after tick 26k, when you spectate him, that he stops sometimes, but he dont type into the chat. Might be that he is turning on/off something. What do i know? There are also this other guy who says that oulala allways knows where the hidden is.
AND the fact that you asked him :)

TDP: "oulala, what does hidden look like?"
oulala: "Im sorry, im french"
TDP: In french; "what does hidden look like?"
oulala doesnt comment. :)

29th January 2009, 16:35
Yeah. My french is pretty much stone age, but I think he must have known what I am talking about.

29th January 2009, 17:09
This guy is a friend of a friend in my old clan. http://forum.hidden-source.com/images/icons/icon8.gif

He was a beginner to H:S.

Edit: Oulala says that the hidden appears normally.
I wont take his defense. He'll defend himself alone.

29th January 2009, 19:40
yay for tracker sprites. i think it's fairly obvious. as soon as the hidden enters his view he zeros in. should have tracked him for a couple of rounds though DP, just for the evidence's sake.

30th January 2009, 00:11
Well I did some crazy evasive moves as Hidden and tried hiding in strange locations. Thought this would be evidence enough. And most guys stop beeing "good spotters" as soon as you enter spec.

30th January 2009, 20:25
Well I did some crazy evasive moves as Hidden and tried hiding in strange locations.
Remember that he's just beginning the game, so usual or unusual hiding-place are the same to him.

I'll watch the vid tomorrow (I'm on my laptop).

31st January 2009, 21:28
Just had a f*king discussion with him.

He had BH.

I'm furious.