View Full Version : STEAM_0:1:9555047 - natedogg & STEAM_0:1:9846905 - Caparzo - TK

5th January 2009, 03:38
Just played a few rounds, apparently those 2 didn't like the way I played and decided to unleash their N00bRage on me...

IDs are:
"natedogg (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:1:9555047)" STEAM_0:1:9555047
"Caparzo(Doesn't really show up on Stats, strange...)" STEAM_0:1:9846905

On the first demo Natedogg stated that the only reason why he kept teamkilling me was because he didn't like me, so I guess it's pretty obvious that he's a total douche bag! :rolleyes:

/Edit: There we go! (http://files.filefront.com/Fear+the+noobragerar/;12877556;/fileinfo.html)