View Full Version : STEAM_0:0:3873792 - Junior - tker and cheater!

30th December 2008, 18:17
Joined server and this guy was in rampage.
Tking everybody at the round start. There were few more people who retaliated but I fully understand the reaction.

He also had somekind of BHS going on.
He saw hidden very well and was capable to hit when hidden was bouncing around.

Demo here:

At first demo you can see him killing everybody multiple times and end of the demo he tracks me pretty suspiciously. He is also causing phys bugging by pinning the bodies awkwardly.

In second demo there is nothing too obvious to indicate hack but he spotted me right away and shot me with pistol.

Unfortunately he left the server before I could spec him.

30th December 2008, 22:15
his id was already posted a few months ago in THIS (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?p=138499) thread (BHS/ Hacking)

seems like he avoided ranked servers... no tks here (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:0:3873792)