View Full Version : STEAM_0:1:14121002 - whyt546 - Intentional Team Killing

27th December 2008, 16:00
Whyt546 was in our server and was autobanned by the system for intentional team killing at the start of a round.

http://forums.oldtimersclan.com/scuztools_playerlog.php?steam_id=STEAM_0:1:1412100 2

I entered Darkhand's server today and he was in there, told me he'd been banned by accidently team killing. I said he'd done so at the start of the round and asked how that was possible, he explained and I told him that we'd give him another chance. He then preceded to say that basically what really happened was that the map was changing so he intentionally team killed a guy (thinking it wouldn't be noticed since the map was changing I guess). I asked him twice, "Wait, so you're saying that you intentionally team killed the guy because you thought the map was changing?" and he said yes. Everyone in the server was stunned that he just kept talking.

What he didn't know was that I was recording a demo while he confessed.


I knew my voice wouldn't show up, so I typed it out once as well.

His other team kills where for a fair amount of damage, previous to that he'd hit the 8 team kills in 24 hour limit in the [o-t] environment and was banned for a day. Wishing I'd had the damage amounts recorded for those, but it was before I'd coded it.