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20th December 2008, 11:33
Jömppä<3 was mentioned in another thread, but the demo didn't show much.

He joined earlier and we kept an eye on him, I was already recording a demo and went to spectate him and noticed he tracked hidden way too easy so it was obvious he was cheating.

Sorry about demo ^^ he joins at 89936 (2nd half of demo)

Stats (http://stats.hidden-source.com/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:0:17341484)

Demo (http://files.filefront.com/saturday+stalkyard+3rar/;12712975;/fileinfo.html)

Other Thread (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?p=142700#post142700)

20th December 2008, 12:36
I knew it. I KNEW IT !

He sucked as hidden, but sees the hidden like a god. Moreover, he discovered hdn_decay for the first time and played like a newbie.


20th December 2008, 12:56
This demo is so funny
Digit asking him if he has a black hidden (No, I'm not a racist...). He stops walking and is porbably just typing a message when the hidden flys 30meters away from him barely visible and he stops chatting. runs to that spot around a corner and kills the hidden HAHAHA
or another one: he is near a stairway (he's upstairs). he looks down shortly and walks past. then he turns around and immediately kills the hidden
so funny
(probably you can only see the buty of this when you have a changed hidden model yourself (works fine without a kick when you use it locally, so no, I don't use it online since it doesn't work... so stop crying if someone planned to do so))
the end is also good:
STEAM_0:0:17341484 banned permenantly at 12:00 20 Dec 2008 (CET) by STEAM_0:0:9669976 for Cheating (Other)


20th December 2008, 13:01
O hai captain obvious! :rolleyes:

20th December 2008, 13:16
Gone from physclub forever n ever n ever.

20th December 2008, 18:54
Banned from HB and CC

20th December 2008, 20:07
Banned from HB and CC

he already was by bio :)

20th December 2008, 22:11
he already was by bio :)
Crap, didn't think about it :)
Well now he is banned for two eternities :)

21st December 2008, 03:15
Banned from [o-t]