View Full Version : STEAM_0:0:2318807/STEAM_0:0:18288208 - Intentional Team Killing Party

9th November 2008, 12:42
I'd say make your own judgements, but he killed 4 people in five minutes all for full damage. We also got complaints of team killing in the server at this time. The auto system temp banned him, but I've made it perm:


Atomic Toast asked to be banned, so we did that as well, but there was retalitory TKing going back and forth:

http://forums.oldtimersclan.com/scuztools_playerlog.php?steam_id=STEAM_0:0:1828820 8


9th November 2008, 16:39
Ban Reason: Asked to be banned, we comply with all such requests. This ban is irreversible.
Wild Samich STEAM_0:0:2318807 will be banned, the other one seemed to be a victim that tried defending. I know, should be banned as well, but I don't have the whole story...